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View into ABK/Frei Otto workshop on left, with new workshop structure on right


End of 2nd day of lifting

Design and Make students working in ABK/Frei Otto’s workshop building

First of 9 being lifted into position, each approx 18m x 8 high, with minimal steel in the connectionsthanksĀ for picture




Soffit of cantilevers Dojo – willl be stained black like elsewhere. Dry slate wall to go in front of blockwork

As Stephen Fry said in the Guardian today about Steve Jobs:

“The standards he set, the passionate belief he had in the way that technology, the arts, design, fun, elegance and delight could all co-exist, the eternal pushing for higher standards, the refusal to accept standard paradigms in anything, either the conventional modus operandi of corporate affairs, technological matters or market practices was an example from which the world will continue to learn.”

Puts in to perspective how we all (architects) continue, by and large, to peddle the same old bollocks… How many of us can really claim to shift paradigms?

Me neither…

2 months off completion, 5 years in the conception

13th October 2011 at the University of Bath, Department of Architecture

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