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Eva in the ‘Old’ workshop – Design and Make induction project

Arriving at Hooke Park, 7.00 am early November, most of trusses up. Image from Nozomi 

At AA Bedford Square, with Brett Steele, Ted Cullinan and Richard Burton, discussing the strategy for this year’s projects with the Design and Make Students… What does it mean for us to engage with the local context, culture and landscape around Hooke Park in an interesting way when almost without exception contemporary architecture in this country that claims to (awful word) ‘reflect’ the local vernacular ends up distressingly anodyne, lame and desperately dull… What does in mean for us to shift paradigms in term of an attitude to sustainability at Hooke when the default position of many new supposedly sustainable new rural buildings is to make it out of timber, bung some renewables on, and call it eco…

View into ABK/Frei Otto workshop on left, with new workshop structure on right

End of 2nd day of lifting

Design and Make students working in ABK/Frei Otto’s workshop building

First of 9 being lifted into position, each approx 18m x 8 high, with minimal steel in the connectionsthanks for picture




3/4 of truss members now complete for new workshop – it’s dad, the original Frei Otto/ABK/Buro Happold workshop in the background. Charley described lying awake at night with excitement at the whole project. Incredible that it’s happening..

As ever, amazing home grown lunch prepared by Georgie

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