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We’ve been clearing the bramble in the woods to the north west of the house making it possible to see the building from this perspective almost for the first time. Planning vegetable beds here – and interestingly, underneath all the bramble are redcurrant and gooseberry shoots from way back, so the ground here has been used for cultivation before.

The chaotic aftermath of feeding small children… My vision for a house (influenced by Richard Leplastrier and Rural Studio) was always one where kids could rattle around inside a robust shed that could take any amount of chaos, instead of a prim and pristine modernist box. In a way, it’s kind of worked, but could be a bit more robust. There’s a great quality of light at this time of year, in the evenings.


Amazingly oblique light showing supposed ‘imperfections’ in shuttering ply (so much nicer than better grades) and undulations on structural oak post… as well as cutting marks in oolithic limestone and kids pictures

How many more days this year like this?

The great Richard Leplastrier and Peter Stutchbury at Moonshine. They’d come from their RIBA talk in London, where they’d talked about their work in the context of the Australian Landscape… At lunch they made fascinating observations about the underlying topography in London…

With wild garlic, morning light

Recent Moonshine picture, some years on, with chaos of family life

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