The house I built before we formed Mitchell Taylor Workshop – a self build for me and my family in woodland near Bath with no car access. Incredibly cheap and raw, the building is designed to translate the site conditions into a building – with areas of transparency/solidity fitting around sunlight and shade, eaves designed to shelter parts of the building from the prevailing wind, clerestory designed to capture first rays of morning light and a foundation system designed to leave the water table and highly shrinkable clay intact. It won the AJ Small Projects Award in 2009, and was featured in the Architectural Review, AJ, Dwell, Independent, Guardian, Sunday Times, Grand Designs and numerous books internationally. It’s kind of dated now, too derivatively Murcuttian, a bit battered by 4 growing children, and my thinking has moved on a great deal – but I still love being able to feel like you’re living outside. A few articles linked below:

Architectural Review: arjuly06housedone

Grand Designs: 1

100 Houses: 100 Houses

Dwell: DWE0608_PIER_SHIP

Architect’s Journal: 37_2009.01.15_Moonshine

Sunday Times: 16_SUNDAY TIMES 05

Guardian: 38_2009.01.24_Gaurdian

This one below shows the context – the house is just visible in the woods in the top/centre of the picture

(Photography by Peter Cook – View Pictures)