Selected Press Articles in reverse chronological order:

Stillpoint reviewed in Architecture Today by Meredith Bowles Stillpoint

Moonshine in Casa (Japan):P10_17_skyline

Practice and Pedagogy in RIBA Journal: RIBA Jnl pedagogy and practice

Stillpoint in BD News: Stillpoint BD June 2012

Stillpoint in ArchDaily: ArchDaily Stillpoint

Big Shed in BD – Technical Review: BD Big Shed 06 2012

Invisible Studio featured in AJ New Practice series AJ 3 May 2012

Hooke Park AA Design and Make’s Big Shed in BD BD 20 April AA Hooke

Kings College Library in Architecture and Detail 08-汤顿国王学院图书馆

Starfall Farm extensively featured in ‘Inside Out’ Australia:io9612p112-119_hmstarfall

Starfall Farm Cover for Inside Out here: io9611ofc_aust

Amanda Bailleu’s article – Sense and Eccentricity: 12-02-2012-15-00-09-copy

Andrea Klettner’s ‘Mid Life Crisis'(!) article:12-02-2012-15-02-08-copy

AJ Astragal – Quitting Practice with Panache:aj-27-02-12

AJ’s Invisible Man:pt2

Piers Taylor Cambridge Scroope Journal Interview:86_Ranald_Lawrence_b

Starfall Farm featured in Architecture Today:84_Nov_50_HOUSES_MitchTaylor

122 Leadenhall Street City Farm in ‘Carrot City’ book and exhibition:82_Carrot_City_Leadenhall_low

Piers Taylor’s Desk in BD’s Architect’s Desks series:83_PT_Desk_l

MTW’s Kings Library in AJ:81_AJ_Kings_ Library_low_res

MTW’s Kings Library in BD:80_2011_10_14_Kings_Double

Peter Clegg’s Review of Studio in the Woods for the AJ:76_Peter_Clegg_2011_SitW_Review

MTW’s Horseden Road Housing featured in AJ:73_Horsden_Road_A3

Peter Clegg’s AJ Building Study Review of Colerne Primary School:72_Colerne_Dining_Hall_MTW_Clegg_AJ_ b

Starfall Farm in AJ:69_Small_Projects

MTW’s Creative Reuse schemes profiled in RIBA Journal:70_Riba_Journa__Smallest_File_pt_3

Studio in the Woods gets 5 star review in BD: 65_2010.07.23_BD_SITW_review

Studio in the Woods exhibition at the Architecture Centre: 59_Architecture_Centre_June_2010_red

Talk at London Festival of Architecture: 58_lfa_2010

Piers Taylor writes ‘comment’ piece in BD on Supermarket Design: 61_bd_comment_low

Colerne Bike Shelter in Architectural Review: 54_MTW_Colerne_1

AJ writes of missed opportunity for 122 Leadenhall Street: 53_Untitled-1

Piers Taylor writes Opinion piece for the Architects’ Journal: 51_MTW_Leadenhall_comment_AJ_crop

MTW Wins invited competition for 122 Leadenhall Street: 47_Leadenhall_BD_091113

BD Features 122 Leadenhall Street competition on cover: 46_2009.10.30_BD_leadenhall_comment

Moonshine featured in new book on outstanding contemporary houses: 45_100_Houses

Room 13 featured in new book on public buildings: 43_Sketch_public_buildings

MTW’s new boarding house for Badminton school featured in AJ Building Study: 41_2009.04.16_AJ_Badminton_low

Moonshine wins AJ Small Projects Award: 40_43_AJ_issue

Moonshine featured in the Guardian: 38_2009.01.24_Gaurdian

Moonshine featured in the Architects’ Journal: 37_2009.01.15_Moonshine

Moonshine featured in American Dwell magazine: 31_MOONSHINE_AMERICAN_DWELL

Interview with us and Sarah Wigglesworth in BD’s Masterclass: 29_BD_MAGAZINE_DEC2007

YAYA Shortlist – Young, Gifted and Bright: 28_YOUNG,GIFTED_AND_BRIGHT

Hangar 45 in AJ: 26_AJ_NEWS_JULY07

Room 13 and Moonshine featured in top 10 architectural wonders in Venue Magazine:25_VENUE_MAGAZINE

Room 13 Building Study in Architects’ Journal: 18_2007_11_22_AJ

Room 13 wins RIBA Regional Sustainability Award: 30_tandc1

Room 13 Wins a RIBA Award: 19_RIBA_AWARDS_2007

Moonshine featured in Architectural Review: 14_AR MOONSHINE JULY 06

Moonshine featured in Sunday Times: 16_SUNDAY TIMES 05

Moonshine featured in Grand Designs: 17_GRAND DESIGNS

Moonshine featured in Building Magazine: 22_GOODWOOD_ARTICLE

‘Place of Place’ lectures in RIBA Journal: 24_RIBA JUNE 05